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kid of the monthI like C. Mo’s because they take the time to make sure children that want to go hunting or fishing can go when otherwise they wouldn’t be able to go. They make sure we always have fun and it is like one big family. They take care of each other. I had a shell around me and C. Mo’s helped me feel safe and broke the shell down. I am not scared to do things with C. Mo’s volunteers, especially Mrs. Wendi. I now look forward to my fishing and hunting trips, instead of wanting to just stay home and reading. C. Mo’s has been a life changing for my family and me. I look forward to getting my first deer and fishing as much as possible, so Mr. Tommy please keep me on the schedule for fishing because that is what I love.

From Alicia's Mom


Alicia deals with high anxiety and just wanted to stay home before we were introduced to C. Mo’s. If you even mentioned doing something other than what she was used to her eyes would dilate and she would be scared. We told her just to try going with us to a few things and see if she liked it. She agreed and slowly she learned she was safe and that she could enjoy herself. I never thought she would shoot guns like her brother and sister or be outside with us enjoying the outdoors. She was told she didn’t have to do anything that she didn’t want to, but that we would like her to try. She agreed to try shooting and found that not only did she enjoy it, but she could shoot where she needed to. She has had the opportunity to go hunting and is looking forward to the day that she can harvest her first deer. I knew she liked fishing when we took her as a young child. Now I see that she absolutely loves fishing. When the opportunity came for her to go fishing with Mr. Tommy she was ready. She called me when she caught her first fish and I couldn’t believe how excited she was. She is always asking when she is going again. Not only has Alicia found a love of hunting and fishing, but Mrs. Wendi said she could help her at the State Park with the food booth. Alicia has definitely found a friend in Wendi and loves to help her. I never thought Alicia would be ok helping around so many people. I am so proud of Alicia and appreciate C. Mo’s helping her tackle her fears and for being a safe place for not only her, but her sister and myself as well. Thank you C. Mo’s for helping me enjoy being outdoors with all three of my children.

C. Mo's Kid of the Month Alicia

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Our mission is to enrich the lives of special needs children by providing life-changing outdoor experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering, in a safe and accommodating environment. Our desire is to foster the development of self confidence and self-reliance through the provision of outdoor adventures including hunting, fishing and camping.



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