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Blake Blansett


Meet Blake Blansett


C. Mo's KidsWow, We really worked hard to get Blake a pig. It actually took 2 hard hunts and his father Shawn who is wheel chair bound due to a stroke hung right in there with us. The 1st hunt took place on July 5th and included special guest Rennie Moore Jr. of the Houston Texans and pro staffer Michael Browning. I dropped the 4 of them off at the blinds at 3pm with temps hovering around 100 degrees. That's hot to be sitting in blinds. Also the mosquitoes were terrible. They were equipped with thermacells which helped  the mosquito situation but the heat was bad. Around 6pm a herd of several pigs showed up. They came running down the road towards the blind but for some reason sensed something wasn’t right and scurried back into the thick woods before allowing a shot. The team sat a little longer but was feeling they had missed their opportunity. They were all drenched in sweat from the heat of the blind and decided to call it a day. They call me to come and pick them up. Chris White jumped in the truck with me and we headed that way. I pulled the truck right up to the blind to make it easy to load Shawn and all the equipment. As we were loading Chris White spots hogs coming down the road. We all froze as they came closer. We were able to get the rifle into Blake's hands and get him braced across the truck hood. It all happened so fast that we were unable to capture it on film. The hogs knew something was up showing much nervousness as was Blake. Blake rushed his shot before the hogs bolted and cleaned missed. It was a lot of pressure on a young man in rushed conditions so we forgave him on the miss and decided to come back another day. In all the excitement, as looked back, we saw that Shawn had flipped his wheelchair in the blind trying to position himself to see. After seeing that he was ok we all laughed. It was all pretty C.Mo's Kidsfunny.     We came back on Thursday July 19th to try again. The heat and the mosquitoes were just as bad but we were a little smarter this time. We decided to wait till 5pm to go to our blinds. This time it was me, Chris Hodge and Blake and Shawn. Around 6pm a huge sow came out to our right  side. She was only about 25 yards but posed a large problem. Our set up was to shoot out the front of the blind towards the feeder and this hog didn’t have an interest in going to the feeder. This meant we had to slowly get turned and get firearm, shooter, shooting stick and camera all repositioned without being detected. With patience it all came together. Chris had camera running and focus on the hog and Blake had the hog in his scope. We gave him the signal to fire when ready and BOOWAAH!!! We see the hog run off and can’t believe our eyes. I waited about 5 minutes and couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to go look for blood. I could see where the hog had torn up the dirt getting out of there but no blood. I walked back and asked Blake where he had aimed in which he replied the shoulder. I asked, “buddy how did you miss at 25 yards” when I noticed something. I said, “I know how you missed! Look at the the blind!” In adjusting our position we had done everything right except making sure the mussel was outside the window of the blind. When Blake aimed through the scope, he had a clear site window on the pig, but the problem is the barrel is lower therefore allowing Blake to shoot the end out of the blind. We replayed it on camera and was amazed when we was that evidently as the bullet when through the blind, it must have caused it to tumble and fall short because it looked like a hand grenade went off just short of the pig. Again we C.Mo's Kidshad laughs but no pig. We decided to sit tight in hopes of another opportunity before dark. About 8pm I saw a huge hog cross the road about 250 yards away and thought he would come to the feeder. We were all tense with anticipation and 15 minutes ticked by with nothing. Suddenly there was the  loud snort of a pig like when one gets aggressive with another. We got on high alert when one came out in the road ahead of us an then about a dozen came out about 100 yards to the right of us headed straight in our direction in a hurry. There were some big hogs in that bunch, but I told Blake to take the one out front be fore the others came closer. BOOWHAA!!! Hog down right in his tracks and the celebration began. After we calmed down, I explained to Blake why I choose for him to go ahead and shoot the smaller pig in front when we had bigger pigs on the way. I felt that if we let that many eyes get close the odds of getting caught and one snorting and them all running off would greatly increase.. We had hunted hard and I didn’t want another event that could discourage Blake. Blake broke the ice with a nice pig and now we can focus on a bigger one! Congrats Blake!! We’re really proud of you and look forward to seeing your video!!!







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