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Jacob Hanni


Meet Jacob Hanni from St. Marys, Georgia


Jacob Hanni C. Mo's Kids




Preparations are currently under way for young Jacob Hanni to experience a hog hunt.






C.Mo's Kids





Saturday (04/28/2012) was Jacob’s first day at the range with Norman Raber (C. MO’s Kids Special Equipment Engineer and Firearm Trainer) and his dad Gary Hanni, to get some trigger time and to do an evaluation of adaptive equipment that will be needed for his adventure.








This has been an adventure that has been being planned since March of this year. Preparation stage included several visits to the range for practice, training and evaluation. Special fundraiser/raffle was held with extensive family involvement to purchase the equipment needed to provide the hunt. We had many obstacles along the way. Jacob was hospitalized twice during the process with pneumonia. He was out of town for the entire month of July, so no practice or setup was possible during that time. There were also other issues with the equipment to be worked out. The intent was to have a video camera monitoring through the rifle scope so Jacob’s assistant could aim the rifle for him. However, the mounting bracket was incompatible with a bolt action rifle. Two alternate designs were tried, none of which worked in a satisfactory manor. Also, after we had been practicing with small caliber rifles, we upgraded to the 30/06 hunting rifle for final tests. The recoil proved to be to much for Jacob, Even though the equipment was holding the rifle, the recoil was transferred to the wheelchair, and proved to be uncomfortable for him. We were also told to be aware that the mouth trigger release could be painful to the user. The release we purchased mounts to the gun with a flexible arm and holds the release in close proximity to the user’s mouth for the “bite” I removed the flexible arm, the release must now be manually inserted into Jacob’s mouth by a second assistant. This works flawlessly, and no recoil is transferred to the mouth of the user. Ultimately I was able to trade a second hand compound bow I had for a semi-automatic 243 rifle. The smaller caliber worked well and Jacob enjoys shooting the rifle. Also, we were now able to go back to the original camera mount bracket for the scope, which now works far better than before. With the lower recoil of the 243, the camera is not knocked out of alignment with the scope, and an immediate follow up shot is possible if required. The evening of the hunt, the intent was to have Amy Clayton, myself, and Blake Blansett assist, Blake to sit next to Jacob and handle the trigger and the scope mounted video camera, Jacob’s father to handle the gun and give the go ahead to shoot. Myself and Amy in the adjoining blind to video. However, Blake had a scheduling conflict the night of the hunt, at the last minute I checked with Chris Hodge to see if he wanted to assist. I took over Blake’s assignment in the blind with Jacob, and Chris sat with Amy to capture video. Not only was Chris able to assist, but was also able to get clearance from the DNR commissioner to allow taking a deer under Taylor’s Law. This was cleared with the landowner, and Chris White, and permission was given to take a deer if one presented itself. The day and evening were overcast and rainy. We met at Flash Foods, then drove to the property. Upon arrival we went to the barn and unloaded Jacob. We set up the wheelchair and mounted the gun and reloaded him into the van and proceeded to the blind. We got everything settled and set up in the blinds around 5pm. Once in the blind, it was determined that there was no way for the assistant to operate the camera, it was out of reach in the blind situation. So Jacob’s father needed to turn on the camera, then track the target with the rifle, flip off the safety, then give the signal to shoot. There was no activity all evening. It was clear Jacob was sometimes bored and uncomfortable. While he’s totally immobile, he does have full sensation in his entire body. His father occasionally had to readjust his shirt to make his back more comfortable. At 6:30 we decided we would pack it up at 7:00 before the next major shower blew in. At approximately 6:50 a small black hog appeared only feet from the blinds. Gary was a little excited and started moving to quickly. I slowed him down and got the screen for the blind put up so our motion would not be detected. Once it was up, Gary turned on the camera and tracked the hog, I put the release in Jacob’s mouth, then Gary flipped off the safety. At the signal, Jacob fired and the hog fell. Everything worked exactly as it was intended to. Chris White arrived at the site, we got everyone and everything loaded up and went to the skinning shed for celebration and pictures. Only the pictures and video can show the joy we brought to Jacob. He will not be bored on the next hunt. And all the difficulties we faced in getting all this put together pale in comparison to the reward we have all received in making this adventure a reality.








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