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Zach "Scully" Sculthorpe


Meet Zach “Scully” Sculthorpe


C.Mo's Kids

C. MO’S KIDS had the opportunity to spend the day with Scully and His mom Holly on a Fishing Adventure.  Here is a little story of Scully's Fishing Adventure…


The morning started with Scully and his mother Holly meeting at my office at 7am to get together and make the 1 hour drive to Saint Simons Island, Ga. We were to meet David Blackshear of Island Time Fishing at 8am for a morning fishing excursion. Scully is down syndrome and one thing special about these kids is that they are almost always happy. This being true with Scully, he sang for the whole trip. Upon arrival, we meet David who already had the boat in the water with everything prepared and ready to go. Our first obstacle was to get Scully down the ramp to the boat. You see, by nature down children are somewhat more fearful than most. Scully was even fearful for me on the way making sure ever time I entered my truck, I buckled my seat belt. Any way, with a little assistance we got Scully down the ramp. Now when it came time to get on the boat, Scully was really afraid to step over the distance of 1 foot that the cushion bumpers held the boat away from the dock. He said, “I don’t want to mom. I want to go home.” With some gentle assistance from David and myself, we got him aboard but he choose to sit in the bottom of the boat instead of on the seat. My guess is that he was fearful he could fall overboard. I could tell that David sensed Scully's discomfort, there making sure to handle the boat very carefully and pre-warning of anything that might startle Scully. Upon arriving at our fishing destination, David anchoring and immediately went into action setting out 4 poles while I mostly took video and took pictures. We were immediately catching fish non stop. It was so funny watching Scully reel in fish one after another while still seated on the floor of the boat. I was amazed at Captain David's patience and the way he was going beyond the call of duty to see that Scully had an awesome time, and he did! Within 2 hours of fishing Scully had caught 10 whiting, more than 10 sharks (we were throwing them back so lost count) 3 stingrays and unbelievably reeled in 2 horseshoe crabs and a conch. He had an amazing day and that was great but not what impressed me the most. What impressed me that most was that on the boat ride home Scully got up from the floor and sat on the seat. When we arrived at the boat dock the same step off the boat that had frightened Scully so bad that he wanted to go home was a nonevent. He simply grabbed my hand and stepped off. And even bigger, Scully loved catching the fish but wanted no part of them. He was deathly afraid if one got close to him. But Guess What: He actually held one for a picture at the dock! Because of a few people taking their time to surrender a few hours of their day to share a unique adventure a young man’s life was changed. He was empowered; he overcame fears; and we all had a great day! God Bless Scully and his family and God Bless Captain David for taking his time to impact the life of a special needs young man! Winston Barlow, Founder C. Mo ‘s Kids



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Our mission is to enrich the lives of special needs children by providing life-changing outdoor experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering, in a safe and accommodating environment. Our desire is to foster the development of self confidence and self-reliance through the provision of outdoor adventures including hunting, fishing and camping.



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