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Brian Best


C.Mo's Kids TestimonialsI’m not sure Brian knew exactly what he was in for , but he was excited for the opportunity to go on a real hog hunt! He had been watching a lot of hunting shows involving hogs, and had been wanting to go since we moved to Georgia. As a parent of a special needs child I can tell you the logistics of putting something like this together is quite challenging. It was so nice to have the extra help and all the effort put forth by C. Mo's kids staff members.


Brian thinks he is now a full fledge movie star. He has seen the video on youtube many times now. He carries a picture in his pocket from the hunt with all the guys and the hog. A day hasn’t gone by where he doesn’t bring up the hunt and we have some laughs. He truly had an awesome time and made memories that day that will never leave him.


My wife Karen,myself, and Brian can’t thank C.MO’S Kids enough. We think C.MO’S kids is a wonderful organization and plan on trying to do some volunteering in the future to see if we can somehow help to get the word out and help as many kids as possible have an experience like Brian had. Awesome job guys!


-Bill Best (Brian's Father)


Zach "Scully" Sculthorpe


C. Mo's Kids TestimonialZach’s been hearing about the fishing trips for a few weeks now and he’s been very excited to do it. It got cancelled a couple of times and with the storm that we just had move through the area a couple of days ago I didn’t know if this one would happen. I kind of kept it low Key until last night…. even then I tried to leave a window of, it still may have to be postponed. I told him it was up to the Captain when we got up there. This young man made the call while the weather was still very questionable. He was very good and clearly knew what he was doing.


Love C. Mo Kids!! We had the best time!! Zach was and is so excited!


Jacob Raber


C.Mo's Kids Testimonial“Now that Jacob has his first deer, I can say that I’m a really proud Daddy and it means a lot to me that he got that first deer.  It was a big change in Jacob after we got that deer.  It’s like he aged several years over night and C.Mo's Kids Testimonialgrew up a little bit all of the sudden…This is definitely a hunt we will always remember.  We’ll be talking about this trip when we are both old.”


-Norm Raber (Jacob’s Father)





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Our mission is to enrich the lives of special needs children by providing life-changing outdoor experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering, in a safe and accommodating environment. Our desire is to foster the development of self confidence and self-reliance through the provision of outdoor adventures including hunting, fishing and camping.



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